About Us

South African Council for Architects (SACAP) Reg. no.D2631
Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) Reg. no.10196371

Heine Beukes

My African Dream

In 1976, I completed my studies as an Industrial Designer at the Wits Technikon. Just two years later, I ventured into entrepreneurship, establishing my own company. My focus shifted towards constructing sports fields, particularly basketball and tennis courts, primarily in rural South African schools. During my work in these schools, a tragic incident brought to light the deplorable sanitation facilities. Witnessing a child’s unfortunate fall into a pit latrine in a Limpopo school, resulting in a fatality, served as a wake-up call. As an Industrial Designer, I felt compelled to find a viable solution.

A common thread among these schools was the scarcity of water. The three main challenges were preventing accidents, managing fly infestations, and addressing the pervasive odour. Surprisingly, the actual structures housing the pits were not the issue; rather, it was the design of the sitting toilets themselves.

Over a span of nine years, I dedicated myself to developing a product that met these critical standards. After conceptualizing a practical prototype, I assembled a team of dedicated and highly skilled individuals to refine the toilet into a functional and effective solution.

The Team

Meet the exceptional team behind this initiative: Neil and Brandon Buist, contributing their skills and passion; Manie and Heine Beukes, handling the engineering and manufacturing aspects; Pieter Worst leading the charge in sales and Nicky Bohn marketing. Together, we’ve transformed a vision into a tangible and impactful solution for schools facing sanitation challenges.